1. Probably my 2nd favorite BW Megatron mold. I wish it was voyager size though.

  2. And here’s the amazing Generations Rattrap.

  3. This Walmart-exclusive blue Transmetal Rattrap might be unofficially referred to as Transmetal Packrat but to me it’ll always just be ‘Blue Rattrap.’

  4. Fun fact: there is a German Shepard transformer.

  5. Beast Wars (first wave) Cheetor here is probably older than a lot of people on this site. Crazy.

  6. Transformers Generations Whirl

    I was going to pass on this originally, being distraught that it wasn’t exactly how he looks in the comics, but decided to get him a few days ago and he is a fun toy. He’s one of my favorite Autobots and I finally have a reason to display my Cyclonus again.

    I opted out of photographing his Gerwalk mode because it’s just awkward.

  7. Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Voyager-class Grimlock

    Never been a fan of the movie lines. I think most of the movie designs are hard to translate into toys effectively, and usually when a movie comes out, I don’t bother aside from maybe one figure but I had to get Grimlock not just because I collect him, but because it’s a neat figure in itself. Pass on the wonky Leader-class and get this.

  8. NECA Armored Lost Predator

  9. NECA Nightstorm Predator

  10. Took some shots of the 3 S.H. Monsterarts figures I own - Burning Godzilla, Spacegodzilla, and Mechagodzilla Kiryu. I want to do a proper one of Kiryu showing the other accessories it has but soon.